Agriculture Support Project 1

Makro Tarım sponsored the “Çitlemelik Kabak” project, which was co-organized with the Derebucak Agricultural District Directorate in the province of Derebucak in the province of Konya in April 2016. During the development of zucchini seeds and zucchini plant, a new line of business has been developed in the region that has contributed both its soil and its nutrients Contributed.

In the future, it plans to contribute to different projects in different regions.

Innovative Product 1

In order to increase the strong flower and fruit orientation which is one of the most important problems of vegetable production, our company has been registered by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock and has been registered with MagicFlower trademarked product after the necessary land works.

It is a new generation product in this segment where flowering and lack of fruit stamen is felt in the market and our producers have been welcomed with great satisfaction by our dealers.

Agriculture Support Project 2

Our company which provides technical support for the production and spread of dry beans has contributed to the development of bean production in the region and its adoption by producers as an alternative product by contributing locally to the problems of our producers with frequent visits to the region. And it will continue in solidarity.

Innovative Product 2

The use of intensive medicines both in vegetable agriculture and in fruits and vegetables for diseases and damages brings serious cost to both my economy and my farmers’ budget.

The water used for medicinal purposes generally has a high pH (8), which seriously lowers the effectiveness of the drugs and fertilizers (up to 40%).

Our factory in the Antalya Organized Industrial Zone has been doing a year of research. It neutralizes water pH. It helps to get the best result from the fertilizers. Our MakPH branded product was presented to our dealers and producers in September 2016.

In addition to lowering the pH of the pesticide water,
* The spreading adhesive feature,
* Multiple Mixing facilities,
* Foam cutter effect,
* Event promoter,

Innovative Product 3

redPower K; Is a “very special potassium solution” polymerized with glyoxylic acids (pH: 6 <). The fruits grow, the weights and the concentration of the sugar they contain are increased while the color and the browiness of the fruits are also increasing. It is a high standard product for increasing the size, color, aroma at the beginning of the fruit period and in the fruit. It is produced by our company under special conditions.

Innovative Product 4

Ly-Cupper; New generation liquid copper, blue power.

Our company, which looks at a new approach to the liquid copper segment in the sector, presented our new product with 4.1% copper content with high standard Ly-Cupper trademark. Very specific molecules have been used to increase the synergy of copper in this product.

Use the power of copper to produce fruit and vegetables.

Innovative Product 5

makSülfo 80 SC; Our product in SC form, containing 80% micronised sulfur, which is effective in terms of ease of use and effectiveness with reduced soil pH, has been started to be produced by our company. Especially for the binding of the cream layer and hence the emergence of seeds that are at risk of outflow.

As it reduces the pH of the soil, it allows the micro-elements to be taken up by the plant, increasing the aeration and water holding capacity of the soil. If used faintly, it suppresses fungal diseases and some mite species.

Innovative Product 6

AllinCall; Our new calcium-containing product is effective in removing defects of fruits and vegetables, increasing storage, transportation, shelf life. To gain luster and vitality in fruit and vegetables. There are many advantages as it is.

Its main advantage is its ability to mix with very risky products (copper, sulfur, phosphated products). This product is a high standard calcium solution for the elimination of calcium deficiencies by plants and for the abovementioned effects.

  • 100% uptake
  • 100% Mixable,
  • 100% Fast uptake

Innovative Product 7

Protectore; It is developed and produced by our company for the products which are at risk of cracking in fruits, minimizing product losses especially due to cracking in cherries.
The specific molecules used in the content stabilize the osmotic pressure between the crust and the tissue, reducing the pressure towards the drowning shell and preventing cracking in the fruit shell. In this respect, the economy is contributed seriously.

It can be used in all fruits and vegetables that are at risk of cracking.

Innovative Product 8

Poly Plant OLİVE; Specially developed for olives.

Thanks to its high size, high-fidelity color, fruits prevent duplicate harvest and save labor. Thanks to its rich content, it also increases the fat content, especially in olive oil.

Makro Tarım is established in Antalya since 1996 and determines the best service as a mission to itself.

Organic Products

Stym25-1 copy
Mol-1 copy
Biomolex-1 copy
Root Soil Humax-1 copy
toromol-1 copy
Ada Nef
full Care-1 copy
lom'bio copy
WinAmino-1 copy
WinOrg-1 copy
boralex-1 copy
BlackLife-1 copy
makro Crop plus copy
ultra crop copy
m'daag copy
ultra amino copy
strong K copy
ultra Humate copy
Komple & Partner copy
flexyOrg copy

Chemical Products

Kellom Fer - Seguroferro-1 copy
kelommix Combi copy
makro Combi copy
Torocombi-1 copy
mixx A-1 copy
boMoZinc copy
Tria Qbmz-1 copy
Magic Flower-1 copy
protectore copy
oVoon Zn+Mn copy
Amaros copy
galy-1 copy
GreenBull copy
torobor-1 copy
ColorK Forte-1 copy
redPowerK-1 copy
titi copy
Panço-1 copy
Reguaro-1 copy
derKous Finale-1 copy
Azadoor copy
GreenMag copy
Calpon Broşür-1 copy
Allinca'L copy
makro CALCİUM copy
Calidoor copy
makCupper Cu copy
Cu'Ce copy
Whopping-1 copy
PP Olive-1 copy
pp Fe EDTA copy
pp Zn EDTA copy

Special Products

mak pH

New Products

mak pH
Magic Flower-1 copy
protectore copy
Allinca'L copy
PP Olive-1 copy
flexyOrg copy

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